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John Humphrys has appealed for Mastermind would-be contestants to step forward and make themselves known. Apply online via the BBC’s Mastermind web-site. Or apply in writing here.

Ready Gary Grant on how he won in 2012.

“Mensa has teamed up with internet security giant Kaspersky to launch the Global Think Test. As well as numerous games, puzzles and brain teasers at www.globalthinktest.com, there are lots of weekly and one-off prizes to be won.


“Then, on September 6, the whole world will be invited to play on Global Think Test Day – players from across the globe will battle it out against each other for the top prize of $25,000.


“All you have to do is go to the website to register – and get playing!”


[The DPQL is not associated with Global Think Test Day].

Chairman David Edwards writes:


Hello Everyone,

At Wednesday evening’s AGM, the divisions for 2014-15 were ratified, and the draw made for the regional round of the Open Trophy. This information is attached, together with a fixture “kit” from which you can work out your own. I shall send an individualised list to each team contact in about three weeks’ time.

There have had to be some changes from last year’s divisions other than those brought about by promotion and relegation. To accommodate the Horse and Jockey’s withdrawing from the League, the Bowling Green have agreed to venture north into the Barmote, to the disappointment of teams in the Dove Division who will miss the legendary Bowling Green refreshments. The Amber Hotel too have agreed to forego promotion and stay in the Scarsdale. thanks are due to both teams. There has been another last minute change. The Three Horseshoes are not confident that they can regularly raise a full team and have therefore reluctantly pulled out of the Trent Division. Fortunately, this affects nobody’s fixtures other than the remaining Trent teams who will find themselves with three  unforeseen byes. I’m delighted to say that they will be competing in the Open Trophy, and I’m sure we all hope that their situation may change for the 2015-16 season.

It should be straightforward to work out your team’s league fixtures from the attached fixture plan. Please contact me if there are any queries ahead of my sending out the individualised ones.

Open Trophy Draw
In addition to to the Three Horseshoes, we have another guest team in the Mason’s Arms from Mickleover. This means an even number of teams which will make it possible to minimise the number of match-free weeks. Both have (logically) been added to the southern half of the draw.
At the AGM, southern representatives reiterated the decision they made that their qualification for the last 16 should be by way of a single match based on a random draw. The eight winners will progress of course plus the highest scoring loser (not the loser with the best points ratio as I may have implied at the AGM).
The preferred arrangement in the north is an adaptation of last season’s, but with only one match paired against each of the two teams (from the parallel division) against whom they’re paired. The first of these matches is played in lieu of a bye during the first seven weeks of the season. The second will be played on the 11th February. As last season, the top seven teams from the league table based on these two matches will progress.

Given more time, there may have been ways in which a 28 team league could have been worked more efficiently (i.e. more matches for your money), but it is probably better now to set what we have in stone and hope next season facilitates better options. All teams will have at least two or three weeks when friendlies might be played. Potential opponents within the League are listed, and Sally will be sending round team contact details at some stage soon. The more insipid grey lettering indicates teams who might not be able to play a home friendly as they share their venue with another team with a home league fixture that evening. As a matter of course, questions will be sent to all teams without a fixture. Do feel free too to play friendlies against teams outside the DPQL. The teams you meet at normal pub quiz nights might well enjoy the very different experience of a head-to-head match, and any teams we could interest and (dare I say it) recruit would enhance the League for all of us.

I hope all this makes sense. Do ask if anything needs clarification.
Best wishes
Dave E




Don’t forget that the URL (the Universal Resource Locator) for our League website remains valid should you wish to direct anyone to us:



A journalist with a major newspaper has asked for information on the challenge of mobile phones and the potential for cheating in quizzes.

If you have any information or experience please share it with David Edwards.


The AGM will be held at The Brunswick, Derby.

Start time: 8:00 PM.

Agenda for AGM issued by General Secretary Ian Robertson:


DPQL Balance sheet 20140903


Mike McKenna’s final version of the Rules to go to AGM for ratification.

RULES V4A for agreement at AGM 2014

[26th August. The word "final" in previousl postings of this message was used in a Pickwickian sense. Please ensure that you are considering Rules V4 released 26/8/14, and not an earlier version].



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