A journalist with a major newspaper has asked for information on the challenge of mobile phones and the potential for cheating in quizzes.

If you have any information or experience please share it with David Edwards.

Mike McKenna’s final version of the Rules to go to AGM for ratification.

RULES for agreement at AGM 2014

David Edwards writes:-

DPQL Draft Divisions & Fixtures for 2014-5 for ratification

I’m pleased to be able to send out the attached division structure for ratification at the DPQL AGM on September 3rd at the Brunswick, Station Approach, Derby, and the “kit” for working out your team’s League fixture list for 2014-15. The draws for the Open Trophy regional qualifying round will be conducted at the AGM. An individualised fixture list will be sent out to each team after the AGM.

The divisions and fixture list have been informed by the responses to the questionnaire which most teams returned in April. An “anonymised” analysis of those responses is attached together with a copy of the original questionnaire as a reminder to hopefully help make sense of the table. Teams should be able to recognise their own replies. Also attached is a commentary on the analysis to explain how the League and Knockout competitions are to organised in the coming season.

DPQL Questionnaire 2014

DPQL Questionnaire 2014 – Revised Responses

DPQL Questionnaire Analysis 2014 Anon

Subject: Enquiry – BBC One show
Hi there,

We are looking for bright and lively couples to take part in our brand new Saturday night game show. The series will be a new format for The National Lottery draw shows and is specifically designed for couples who have some big dreams to come on the programme and win some big prizes. The show will be called Win Your Wish List.

Pairs of contestants choose their dream prizes to make up their wish list, all of which have a connection to their shared history together. They face categories of questions in order to win each of their wish list prizes. But also between them, the couple must decide which one of them will answer the questions because the other will have to ask them, and their judgement on who may know the answer will determine whether they win.

We are going to be holding auditions in the coming weeks across the UK and we would love to hear from some of your group who might be keen to get involved. We are also accepting video auditions for those who can’t make it to our audition location. More locations to be announced soon.

I would be very grateful if you could circulate my information within your quiz league please in case any of your members may be interested in this opportunity.

To find out more email: couples@victorytelevision.com or call: 0141 534 7901

Many thanks for your time.

Best wishes,


The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th August at 8:00 pm at The Miner’s Standard, Winster.

The minutes of the last meeting and agenda for the next, supplied by General Secretary Ian Robertson, can be found here:


If you have points to make, please contact a committee member or your area representative.

[Webmaster adds: northern area members, why not pop along and introduce yourselves to the committee before or after their meeting?]

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To local visitors to this site who do not yet play in the DPQL, …

We Need a Team!

The DPQL is not only one of the country’s longest established leagues, but with 29 teams, it’s also one of its largest. To minimise the number of weeks that any team must be without a match, we need to restore that 29 to the 30 enjoyed in the season just gone. The DPQL would welcome enquiries from any group of keen quizzers in Derbyshire, East Staffordshire or the immediate surrounds who would relish spending their Wednesday evenings locked in friendly competition in a pub or club. Prospective teams from the northern half of the League area, that is, points north of Derby, say, would mesh in particularly well.

Regular visitors to this site will know that DPQL quizzes are an unusual blend of team and individual questions. Matches provide a full evening’s entertainment, with a duration which approaches that of a football match. The League is organised as four divisions, an upper and lower in the north half of the region and the same in the south, with a view to ensuring matches are competitive while limiting travel demands. Examples of the League’s question sets can be accessed on this website via the “Sample the World of Quizzing” link.

Our 2014-15 season will start in early October and continue until late April, the first and last league matches being scheduled for the 8th October 2014 and the 15th April 2015 respectively.

League Chairman David Edwards would very much like to hear from any prospective new teams, or anyone seeking further information or comforting words on the subject. Email dpql@derbypubquiz.org.uk. And, three new teams would be an even more welcome prospect than one!

Teams interested but not wishing to dip their toes to quite that extent might be drawn towards the DPQL’s “cup” competition, the “Open Trophy”, which as the name suggests, is also open to teams who do not play in the League. There could be room for anything up to four or five “guest” teams in next season’s tournament.



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