David Edwards writes:

Now that all teams have one or two matches remaining, it seems a suitable time to ask about plans for next season and whether the changes made for 2013-14 should be extended into next season. Please find attached a questionnaire. It would be helpful to have a response from every team, especially as to whether you intend to play in the League next season. I have tried to keep the questionnaire brief. I hope it’s not a triumph of brevity over clarity! Ideally, add your team’s response in the appropriate space, save the document under a name which includes your team name too, and attach it to an email reply to me. Include in the email any additional observations you might have, or contact details of any other teams you think might be interested in joining the League next season.

It would be useful if I could have your responses soon after the last League match of the season (i.e. by (say) the 3rd May.

DPQL 2014 Questionnaire

[For email return use the Contacts Page. David's postal address is available for anyone wishing to return the questionaire by traditional mail].


Here are ten questions with detailed answers from the Daily Telegraph.

As if she had some ethereal access to the semi-final matches played last night, Sally has produced the results and announced the finalists of this year’s Knock Out Cup, and Kendall Consolation Plate. Find out who will be playing on May 7th for the title on our Results Page.

Sally says, “Congratulations to those who won and commiserations to those who didn’t. Good Luck to all in the final on 7 May.”

Thanks also to Mike McKenna for ensuring that those other teams who wanted to play a friendly received their set of questions. In Ilkeston, the Dew Drop Inn versus Needlemakers match received more spectators than any other match this season, Dew Drop captain Chris Willis has reported.



Wakefield, From May 8th




The League is always ready to publicise external events, but does not endorse them. If any league member has participated in past years, please let us know.

More Updating

Thanks to Mike McKenna, the questions from April 2nd on now on our Sample Quiz page.

And – thanks to you all, for your speedy return of results – Sally has supplied the full results and league tables to week 20. Find it on our Results page.

Remember, there are the semi-finals and then finals of the comptetitions, one more week of league fixtures, and then the Brain of Derbyshire to look forward. Check the calendar on our fixtures table. If you have not attended a Brain of Derbyshire competition before be assured that the evening is designed to involve everyone.



University Challenge: Are these the 20 toughest questions Jeremy Paxman has ever asked? (Daily Telegraph)


Make a note of it in your diary:

the Brain of Derbyshire will be contested on Wednesday 21st May at the Royal Oak, Ockbrook.

Start time: 8pm (tbc).

Contestants do not have to be members of the DPQL.

The Updaters

On our Results Page you will find that Sally has not delayed and the outcome of the matches played in Week 19 (2nd April) are available.

Meanwhile, Mike McKenna has supplied the questions used on March 26th. Find them on the Sample Quiz page.


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