Please be aware of these potential problems, and some solutions! [says the Webmaster, writing in a personal capacity; updated in the light of Mike McKenna's email of November 19th]

  • Questions are now sent out for every home match, regardless of whether there is an opposition for the evening (because of the odd numbers in each division). One of our landlords thought questions arriving automatically meant a match and prepared food, only to find no one arrived. All teams, please ensure that your landlords have a calendar of the home games you will play for sure, so that this bother does not re-occur. Our landlords make us welcome, let’s not make their job more difficult. Some teams confirm their match with their landlord on Sunday or Monday before the Wednesday – this seems a good idea for everyone.
  • Remember why the AGM agreed to send questions for all home matches. It means that teams can organise friendlies without having to ask for questions, at short notice if need be. The Fixtures sheet shows which teams are available for a friendly match, and Sally circulated contact details at the beginning of the season.
  • Questions arrived and no friendly organised? Why not challenge some of the other regulars in your pub to a match. There is nothing to stop you setting your own rules for the evening, such as only using the individual questions, or with different numbers on either side, or splitting your regular team between two opposing teams for the night, or any other handicap.  Not only does this give you a fun quiz, this could inspire some new members to come forward and join the league.
  • Non-DPQL scheduled friendlies: should you be unlucky enough to be eliminated from the Cup or Trophy you will need to ask Mike McKenna to send you questions for a friendly on those empty competition nights. Give Mike two week’s notice.
  • Other information: Home teams, please ensure that your question reader reads the whole of the question, including the title next to the question number. Some rounds have a subject but make no sense if the subject has not been announced. This matters even in the beer round.

This message will be “sticky” (appear first) for the next few weeks.

Both Sally and Mike have been busy.


Go to our Results page to see the Results for November 19th and consequent divisional tables.

Mike has supplied the questions used On November 5th. See them on our Sample Quiz page.

DPQL Agenda 20141117


The Committee will be meeting at the Black Cow Dalbury Lees. See the agenda for the meeting, and the minutes of the last meeting in this document.

Any Help?

Charlie Higson’s Pub Quiz (Guardian 7 November)

How to win quizzes – from pub contests to Mastermind (Guardian)

Matthew Engel’s Round England Quiz (Independent 9 November)

Who are you? What you doing here? What is going on? Well, the results for week six are in and you can find them on the Results page.

Sally’s reponses are so fast, that you will see she now identifies the former Labour Club as Duke of Clarence B, with no time lag. Welcome to your new home, DoCB!

Thanks to Mike McKenna you can now relive your zeniths and nadirs from October 29th. Find that night’s questions on our Sample Quiz page.


The organisers of the annual Skyscanner-sponsored Alan Turing Cryptography Competition present a one-off competition to coincide with the release of The Imitation Game, a film about Alan Turing’s code-breaking work during WWII.

The Imitation Game Cryptography Competition


Newspaper article about it: Can YOU break the code? Academics create cryptic puzzle to tie in with opening of Alan Turing biopic ‘The Imitation Game’ (Mail)


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