Visit our Sample Quiz page to see the questions used in the second week of the 2018-2019 season, on Wednesday 17th.






Take the fiendishly tricky test set by GCHQ (Daily Mail)




Results Week 2


The League is well into its 2018-2019 season, with our second match played on Wednesday 17th. Please visit our Results Page to see how your results have left you in the consequent league table.





We’ve already shown you how to become a Fellow of All Souls. Now we want to enrich you. And either way we want your reflected glory to shine on our League.

Solve These Maths Problems And Become A Millionaire (Breath of Curiosity)

Clay Mathematics Institute’s own list of the problems.

The webmaster has, of course, solved at least one of these problems, though there is not enough room in this post to write the proof.





The first matches of the DPQL 2018 -2019 season were played on Wednesday 10th October. You can find the questions used on our Sample Quiz page.





Well done to our new Results Secretary. Visit our Results Page to see the first league table of the 2018-2019 season.

Thanks to all team contacts for supplying results quickly. Please, though, both sides agree the scores before sending.





Is it money for old rope, although, from the look of things, not much money?

Here’s the college page on how to do it.

At the bottom of that page are links to past papers, but just to help here are a couple:-

All Souls General Paper

All Souls Politics Paper

And here are two newspaper columns which claim to offer advice:-

Oxford University has the ‘world’s hardest test’ — here’s how to answer the questions


Is the All Souls College entrance exam easy now? (Guardian)