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Lying awake, wondering if you answered ‘that question’ correctly? Visit our Sample Quiz page to see the questions (again) used on January 20th.


Find the results of February 3rd’s first round of the Open Trophy on our results page. Were your team winners? Were your team one of the highest runners-up? In what will you play next, and who will you play? Visit our fixtures page to find out.


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Fixtures Secretary David Edwards writes:

All but two teams will be involved in the Regional Round of the knockout competitions this Wednesday (3rd February). May I just remind everybody about the qualification details.

Obviously, the 13 winning teams will go into the draw for the next round of the Open Trophy (Round of 16), to be played on the 24th February. They will be joined by the 3 teams who achieve the highest losing scores. In the event of ambiguity through more than one team registering the same score, they will be separated in favour of the team with the better points for to points against ratio, as in the League. Should it still not be possible to separate teams, a coin will be tossed.

The remaining 10 losing teams will go into the first round of the Plate (Kendall Consolation Plate) also played on the 24th February, from which the 5 winning teams will proceed to the Plate Quarter Finals, joined by the 3 highest scoring losers from the Open Trophy Round of 16. All Quarter Finals will be played on the 9th March.

In the event of a tied match.

Both tying teams would take precedence over high scoring losers.

Should there be more than three tied matches (unlikely but not inconceivable), the highest scoring teams would qualify first. If this were the case, however, there could be two (or even more) tying teams on the same number of points vying for the final qualifying spot.

Therefore, if you find yourselves involved in a tied match, use the beer round as a potential tie breaker, including this score too in your communication to Sally. If still no resolution, a coin will have to be tossed by Sally, incorruptible as ever.

Quiz: How good are your maths skills? (Telegraph)


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