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Contestants wanted for BBC1 Game Show!!


We are currently looking for pairs of contestants for the new series of the hit BBC1 Game Show ‘Pointless’, hosted by Alexander Armstrong, and would be very grateful if you could help us spread the word, as we are looking for great contestants from your area to take part!

Can you name a President of the United States? Can you name a Top 40 single released by Madonna? Can you name a capital city beginning with the letter ‘B’? If so, you could be in with a chance of winning thousands of pounds!

Four pairs of contestants will be pitted against each other as their general knowledge skills are put to the test.  Could you trust your friend, your Mum, your boyfriend, your granddad or your work colleague under pressure?  We would like to hear from pairs of people who think they can take up the challenge!

I’ve attached some information and would be most grateful if you could kindly display them somewhere prominent for people to see. Nationwide auditions are taking place between April and June 2015 so anyone interested should get in touch now!

Anyone wanting an application form can contact us by email at: gameshowapplications@endemoluk.com

Many thanks for your help in advance.


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The Quarter Finals results are in, thanks to Sally’s speedy calculations, and you can read the Results or look at the Fixtures Page to see who will be playing who in the semi-finals.

Remember to give Mike McKenna early notice if your team want a set of questions to play a friendly on semi-finals night.

How good are your maths skills? (Telegraph)

Can you match these homes to the poets that lived in them? – quiz (Guardian)

Can you name Britain’s major cities just by looking at a map? (Mail)

How well do you know Great Britain? (Telegraph)

How well do you know England’s historic attractions? (Telegraph)

How well do you know Scotland’s tourist attractions? (Telegraph)

Mike McKenna has provided the questions used on March 4th. Find them on our Sample the World of Quizzing page.

Sally’s fingers have been leaping over keyboard and the results for Week 19 (March 18th) can be found on our Results and Positions page.

And on this page you’ll see the opportunity to use your quizzing skills on a new TV show. Have you thought about going into work or to one of your other social events and forming a team to apply? Your DPQL experience will help you guide your colleagues.


I work for a new BBC FOUR quiz show and we’re looking for smart and interesting contestants for brand new quiz that tests general knowledge and mental agility skills to the limit.

We are looking for individual players as well as teams of up to three players who share a common passion, hobby or profession, who have what it takes to take on the fiendish puzzles in this challenging word game.

It would be fantastic if you could pass on the contestant call poster attached to anyone who attends the quiz league that may be interested, ideally via notice boards, internal emails and newsletters. Anyone keen to apply can send an email to casting@saltbeeftv.com to request an application form. Our deadline for new applicants is March 31st so submission would need to be before then, the sooner the better.

I have also attached the casting call poster for you to use in any which way you see fit.

many thanks,


Contestant Call - Auditions

Find the product of Sally’s computations – the results and subsequent divisional tables – after Week 18 on our Results page.

While we wait for the results from March 11th, here are some interesting facts and perhaps more interesting tips.

The 10 toughest interview questions (Guardian)


* Of course, you spotted the allusion to John P Marquand’s ‘Mr Moto'; ‘Think Fast, Mr Moto’ (1937) being the first film to feature Marquand’s fictional detective on the screen.


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