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How did your team do on Wednesday 14th? What about your rivals?

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Advance Notice


Watch The Chase on ITV on Tuesday 27th March, at 5pm, to see Nigel Coe of the Bowling Green, Ashbourne, become one of the four contenders to take on The Chaser!


Which Chaser will he face?

How will he fare?

How will the team come out of the final Chase? Will Nigel be part of it?

Find out on Tuesday 27th March, at 5 pm.

Unless you’re watching ITV1+1, when it will be on at 6pm.





After the snows postponed most knock-out matches last week (February 28th), the changed weather meant Week 17’s matches went ahead. Visit our Results Page to see how you and your rivals fared, with the consequent league tables.




British psychologist and parapsychologist Robert Thouless (1894-1984) published a short cryptogram. He intended to channel the key after his decease from the realm of the dead. So far, this experiment has failed. Thouless’ cryptogram is still unsolved.

Put your mind to it here. (Klausis Krypto Kolumne)

Read more about Thouless (the author of Straight and Crooked Thinking) here. (Futility Closet blog)




Plurals Test


Plurals Test (Playbuzz)