In the coming week we will be featuring the questions from this year’s Brain of Derbyshire competition: there was a written elimination round, two semi-finals and a final.

Today, thanks to question setter David Edwards we feature the written round on our Sample Quiz page.






The Brain of Derbyshire 2019 is Chris Jones, who quizzes for the (Burton) Bridge U.

Left to right: Diana Whitmill, Iwan Thomas, Chris Jones and Mike Crowe


After close results in the initial knock-out round, and the two semi-finals, Chris Jones powered ahead in the final.

Those going into the semi-finals (with their score: potentially 50) were:-

1              Iwan Thomas                     Royal Oak                            34

2              Les Hurst                            Dewdrop A                         31

3              Chris Jones                         Bridge U                              27

4              Stuart Field                         Unattached                        26

5              Chris Willis                          Dewdrop A                         26

6              Gordon Taylor                   Royal Oak                            25

7              Mike Crowe                       Dewdrop A                         25

8              Diana Whitmill                   Bradley House                   24

The questions were set by the 2018 Brain of Derbyshire, David Edwards, and the half-time game of Last Man Standing was won by Chris Grandison.

Our venue was the Royal Oak, Ockbrook, whom we thank for their hospitality and catering.

And we were pleased to welcome our patron, Geoff Mumford of the Burton Bridge Brewery, who presented the end of season awards.





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The Brain of Derbyshire event and Presentation evening will be at the Royal Oak, Ockbrook starting at 8pm on May 15th.

Remember that the Brain of Derbyshire is open to all residents of the county, and not just members of the DPQL.

If you like quizzing in the League or elsewhere, or wish to test yourself, then the Brain of Derbyshire is the place for Derbyshire and East Staffordshire residents to test themselves. If you’re not a League member then please let us know that you’re coming.





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