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Some keen quizzers have expressed their dismay at missing the county’s greatest individual quiz challenge, this year’s Brain of Derbyshire competition.

Although it is unusual, our setter has been prevailed upon to supply the questions used in the first round. The answers will be published in a week’s time.

DPQL BoD 2018 1st 50 This year’s initial round, sat by all competitors.

Competitors should allow themselves no more than the time it takes to read each question aloud twice before moving on to the next if they are to emulate the conditions under which this round was played.





The Derbyshire Pub Quiz League event at the Royal Oak Ockbrook on May 16th combined the Brain of Derbyshire event with the 2017-2018 season awards evening.

We thank our President, Geoff Mumford, of the Burton Bridge Brewery, Burton-on-Trent for distributing the awards and prizes.






The results are in and the honour has passed on. There is a new Brain of Derbyshire, decided at this evening’s Brain of Derbyshire event, organised by the Derbyshire Pub Quiz League.


In a closely scored final, Gordon Taylor, Iwan Thomas and Chris Jones saw themselves overtaken by David Edwards on the last question. David is the Brain of Derbyshire 2018, and will set the questions next May to identify the Brain of Derbyshire 2019.





The annual Brain of Derbyshire competition is organised by the Derbyshire Pub Quiz League. This year’s event will be held on Wednesday May 16th at the Royal Oak, Ockbrook.

Start time is 8:00 PM.

Participants do not have to be members of the DPQL – it is open to members of the public from Derbyshire and its Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire borders.

The evening consists of a written first round of 50 questions (bring a pen!), with the eight highest scorers going through to two semi-finals played on the stage using buzzers, and a final round of four to decide the winner. A 15-to-1 style quiz will entertain those eliminated after the first round.

It would help organisers if non-League members send advance notice that they wish to attend. Please use our Contact Page.




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