Chris Willis, captain of the Dew Drop Inn A Team, writes: “Congratulations to webmaster and Dewdrop Inn quizzer Les Hurst who was recently crowned Brain of MENSA 2015. This continues a long tradition of MENSA winners from the DPQL. Les took the title ‘Brain of Derbyshire 2015’ earlier this year.”


Troubled as Sally feels by the speed with which she has received your results, she has nevertheless produced this week’s results and tables. Visit our Results Page to see how you fared.



Try as the Gremlins may, they cannot stop Sally producing the results tables.  Visit the Results Page to see how things stand after Week 6 of the season, along with a small revision to Week 5.

[‘Gremlins’ was an RAF World War 2 coinage, which entered popular consciousness through young pilot author Roald Dahl. He was sent to the USA on a moral boosting mission along with the possibility of turning his Gremlin script into a Walt Disney movie. Later examination suggested most of Dahl’s wartime¬† activities were fiction.]

On the Fixtures Page you will find the draw, made at last night’s League Committee meeting (November 16th), for the first round of this season’s tournament. Matches are to be played on the 3rd February 2016.

In addition, one team wish to play as guest entrants. We have room for one more – if your pub has a second team, or you are a new pub team, who would like to play in the Open Trophy please contact us as soon as possible via the Contacts Page.


Take nothing on trust. Sally has produced the results from the matches played on November 11th, Week 5. There will be some mighty tussles ahead, in which every game and match point will matter.

16-11-15: The results table has been revised: Cliff to read 67 and the average to 127.5

Thank you for your patience. Please ensure that both teams have texted their results before they leave after the match. If you unsure about your signal then send an email, as well, to Sally.


Charlie Higson’s horror pub quiz (Guardian)

Sally’s calculator has been running over the weekend and you can find the latest results and consequent divisional tables on our Results Page. This shows the two Willington teams under their new identities, Rising Sun A (who played at home against Dew Drop Inn A) and Rising Sun B (who played away against, coincidentally, Dew Drop Inn B).

Mike McKenna has supplied another set of questions from early this season. Find them on our Sample Quizzing page.

You may not have been able to contact some members over the weekend – they were probably at the European Quizzing Championships in Rotterdam. The list of individual results shows some familiar names upholding not just the honour of the country, but the county. Thinking about trying next year? Have a look at their sample questions.


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