Quiz: Can You Answer These 22 Medical Questions Every Human Should Know? (women.com).

By ‘human’ you should understand ‘resident of the USA’.

Can you solve it? Are you smarter than a Singaporean 10-year-old? (Guardian)

Take the test based on Singapore’s innovative primary maths syllabus

Did you solve it? The results of today’s primary maths challenge


[What is of more concern is the question, can your children or grandchildren solve these problems? If their schooling means that they cannot, then we are in trouble].

Could you pass a British citizenship test? (Independent)

Things are really speeding up, and the very latest questions to be used, from November 30th, are now on our Sample Quiz page.  I’ve already heard selected questions being asked by one friend of another. Don’t rely on an untrustworthy memory. Select from our select range of questions!

Visit our Results page to see how your team and your rival teams fared.

Fans of Derbyshire quizzer Iwan Thomas will have been helped by their recent viewing of his appearance on TV’s Hive Minds.

Megabrains of Britain:

meet – and get grilled by – the superquizzers (Guardian)
From the only woman to win University Challenge twice to the first Chris Tarrant Millionaire, meet the brains who’ve set their synapses against the clock for our entertainment.

And our DPQL bonus question: When Derbyshire schoolteacher David Edwards became the second person to win TV’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? he gave only one interview. To whom or to what did he give it? (Answer appears below blank lines).
















Answer: The Guardian


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