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The new season of BBC TV’s Mastermind has started, and question master John Humphries has asked contestants for the next season to come forward. You will recognise at least one of the contestants in programme one is known from other TV quizzes, so there must be room for new faces. With the brains in Derbyshire, we should be able to supply several.

BBC Mastermind page

BBC Mastermind application page


On a) the need to divide the southern area into east and west, and b) earlier on emailed questions, David Ewards writes:

a) THIS AFFECTS ALL SOUTHERN TEAMS. WE NEED A RESPONSE FROM ALL OF YOU even if it is just to tell us that you have no preference either way. I look forward to hearing from you.

b) On a different matter, I have no record of replies from Bridge U, Strutt Club, Dewdrop A, Dewdrop B and the Green Man (B) to my email of the 17th June with respect to whether someone in each team could receive or download password-protected question sets in advance of each match on a tablet or laptop which could then be taken to and used offline at the match. I look forward to those responses too.

Thank you.

Please ask your team contact for the emailed details of proposed South-East and South-West divisions rather than higher and lower divisions, and the thinking behind it.

David Edwards writes:

Therefore, I am presenting an alternative division and fixture pattern based on a SW/SE split for your consideration (Version 5 in dark red). For comparison, I am also attaching the most recent provisional pattern based on the upper/lower split (Version 4 in purple).

DPQL Divisions & Fixtures 2016-7 – Provisional 5

DPQL Divisions & Fixtures 2016-7 – Provisional 4



Whose resignation is it anyway? – quiz (Guardian)

Among the potential casualties of last month’s Brexit vote are the jobs of many British interpreters in Brussels.

In their honour, today’s polyglot puzzle. (Guardian)

[“Today’s puzzle is inspired by Hubert Phillips, who devised many puzzles like between the 1930s and 1960s.” (Guardian) The webmaster still has Hubert Phillips’ Pan Book of Card Games, purchased in the early ’70s. Phillips deserves investigation if he was more than just a card player.]

Applicants are given a list of 100 civics questions to study from, but they are asked up to 10 questions from that list in an oral interview. They have to answer six out of the 10 questions correctly to pass the test and qualify for U.S. citizenship.


Let’s explore some of the specifics of the Second World War. (Howstuffworks.com)



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