Thank you to all team connections. Sally has produced the results tables for Week 19,

Spot the scam

These 18 texts and emails are ‘from’ HMRC, banks and leading shops. Which are scams? (Telegraph)

Quiz: Match the album covers to the famous artists (BBC)

This has nothing to do with album covers – it is about the history of photography. The webmaster scored 8 out of 10, if you wish to compare your score.

How posh is your vocab? Take the test to find out (Telegraph)

Open Trophy:
Blue Stoops v Royal Oak Ockbrook
Bowling Green v JCB Lakeside Club

Son of Lakeside v Bridge U
Dewdrop A v Steampacket

Should any pair of teams wish to organise a friendly match on the 5th April, the Semi-Final questions can be made available. Simply contact David Edwards by Thursday, 29th March so that questions and passwords can be sent to both teams.

Can you name the capitals of all 50 states of the USA? (Howstuffworks)