15 Fifteen To One questions to test how well you’d perform on the Channel 4 show (Mirror)

Can you pass our Fifteen to One quiz? (Radio Times)

Fifteen to One: The Ultimate Test

To receive an application form, please email: 15to1apps@remedyproductions.tv

Screen is dated 2016, but details are repeated in February 2017 newspapers.

What was that question that seemed so obscure which you were able to answer straight away, that you wanted to tell them about at work? What was the question that was so interesting but you’ve forgotten the answer? Find the questions from Wednesday 22nd on our Sample Questions page.

Sally has put the figures through her ringer, and on our Results Page you can see what you and your rival teams did on February 22nd.

The Quarter-Final matches of the Knock-Out Cup and the Kendall Consolation Plate are on our Fixtures page. They will be played on March 3rd.

Good luck to all remaining. Commiserations if you’ve taken an early bath.

John Humphries is reminding viewers that it is time to apply for the 2017 series of Mastermind.

Do it here.



Visit our Results Page to see the results and league tables after Week 16. Week 15 has been updated with the missing result. Thanks, Sally.

Visit our Results Page to see what your scores and Sally’s tabulation have brought about. The score from Punch Bowl Versus Cliff Inn is still awaited, but we had no wish to delay your thirst for results any further.