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Don Ingham writes:

Could someone from each team please indicate to me the intention of your team to play in the league in the coming season.  Clearly we hope you all will be playing! Let me know at this time if you expect to be at the same venue and have the same contact(s).

We are very aware that you may not have definitive answers at this time. Not everyone will have ventured to their pub yet and not every pub has re-opened yet. We are also still monitoring the overall position to assess whether the league can function fully. But we need information from you to help assess where we are.

So please can all teams indicate their best guesses at this time – we know things may change and that you may not yet be able to give definitive answers. If you can, please make at least tentative contacts with other team members and home venues to gauge likelihood of being able to play in the new season.

We very much hope that you will all be able to play again and that we can restart the league this October. The provisional starting date is 20 October.



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