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Committee Statement

First of all, we hope all who participate in the quiz league remain safe and well. We also spare a thought for our pubs and publicans in this difficult period, and look forward to when they are able to open their doors to welcome us once again.

You may remember that on 16th March we announced the season would be suspended, initially till the coming Wednesday, 8th April, by which time the situation would be reviewed. And as it is now clear that there is no real prospect of the season being able to resume before the second half of June at the very earliest, the Committee has reluctantly decided to abandon the 2019/20 season, and declare it null and void.

We discussed numerous options, but with seven weeks needed to complete the season this would take us well into the regular holiday period, even with the earliest possible restart. We also discussed whether titles, prizes, etc, should be awarded based on the season so far, and various ways in which tables based on merit could be ‘engineered’, but it was acknowledged that no artificial method of deciding league positions can ultimately usurp the basic principle of any league, i.e. that everybody plays everybody else home and away, which of course has not been possible this season. The 2019/20 Cup and Plate competitions have also been declared null and void.

We thank you all for your understanding in these exceptional circumstances, and hope you enjoyed the quizzes that did take place in “the season that never was”, and we sincerely hope to see you all at the starting gate for the 2020/21 season!


John, of behalf of the DPQL Committee.



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