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Updated Score Sheet for 2019-2020


Visit our Fixtures Page where an updated score sheet, ready for the 2019-2020 season, is now available.

Thanks to Dennis Slater.




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Rule change for new season

Don Ingham writes:

Good luck to everyone on Wednesday as we start our new season.

At the AGM an alteration was made to the rule about how to play matches where one team has had to turn up with only 3 players.  The expectation is that this will only happen occasionally because an emergency arises, and with that in mind, the rule has changed so that the depleted team is not penalised on individual rounds by having to pass one question each round directly to the other side.

The new wording for this in rule 1 of the Competition Rules is as follows:

Competing teams consist of four players but may play with three in extraordinary circumstances. In such a case: 

  • the positions of the missing player is chosen by the depleted team; 
  • the individual questions or individual bonus questions that would have gone to a missing person should be rotated among the available members of the team, rotating after each individual round and with the opposing team selecting which player from the depleted team answers on the final round; 
  • no special arrangements are needed for team rounds; 
  • any occurrences of three person teams should be reported by both teams when sending the results and published along with the results.

Hopefully this is clear enough – but if not I can answer questions on it.




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