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Knock Out Cup Final Result!


A match between the Bradley House Club and the Bowling Green, in which the visitors travelled from their Ashbourne pub base to the Uttoxeter club, proved to be anything but decided in advance. The visitors seemingly fell behind but then caught up in the second half in large steps, meaning the Bradley House had to worry over their lead which fell to a small number.

Finally, though the Bradley House Club scored 71 points to the Bowling Green’s 64, and so were declared the winners. The visitors had their revenge in the beer round, which followed.

Those officiating were neutral, being Chris Willis and Les Hurst of the Dew Drop A.

This was a popular event, with many spectators, using in the club’s main function room to hold all attending. Our thanks to the club for hosting this event, and to the staff for preparing the light buffet which followed.





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