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Continue to wrack your brains


We have added the questions used on February 14th to our Sample Quiz page. Hide the answers and see how well you do today.




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With the results of the last league match of the season declared, Sally Levitt has announced that she is passing on the baton of collating them.

Sally says, “This is my final effort wearing this hat.  From next season John Hustler will be taking over the compiling of the tables ( I don’t know if this has to be confirmed at the AGM but he has offered!)  John plays for the Cliff Inn at Crich.  I wish him well for the future!  In due course, and certainly by the beginning of the season, you will be provided with the new contact details for your results.

May I take this opportunity of thanking all of you who have sent in the results, whether by text and/or email  (previously by phone and snailmail) over the past approximately 24 years, although I didn’t have sole responsibility straight away.  How time flies!   

Regards to all


We all owe Sally a tremendous amount, and her collation and speedy declaration of the results is something that none of us will forget. Thank you, Sally.

We will in this circumstance allow comments to be posted, as many will wish to pay tribute to Sally’s work and skills.




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