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TENABLE is a quiz hosted by Warwick Davis that challenges teams of five players to step up and take on ‘TOP 10’ list questions.

So, if you and your family, friends, workmates, or pub quiz team think you’ve got what it takes then please drop us a line.

Closing date: 11th July



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Guess the country from its outline (Cheapflights)

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French phrases

Can you translate these basic French phrases? (HowStuffWorks)

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Annual Meeting for all teams

to be held at the Red Lion, Main Street, Hollington  DE6 3AG

at 8.00pm

on Wednesday 7 June 2017

DPQL AGM 2017 Agenda

DPQL AGM 2016 Minutes

We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.  Come and air your views!

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Can You Name These Famous People? (Quizly)

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Find the remaining four numbers

Can you solve it? The maths problem for 5-year-olds ‘stumping’ the web (Guardian)

Did you solve it?

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Can you guess if these events happened in WWI or WWII? (HowStuffWorks)

(If you think the Poilu in the illustration looks familiar, that is because it shows Kirk Douglas in Stanley Kubrick’s film Paths of Glory, and is not a contemporary photograph of either war).

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