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“Who ate all the pies?” Well, the answer to that used to be any team visiting the Thorntree at Waingroves, but – unfortunately – they left the league some time ago.  You can find the questions used last Wednesday on our Sample Quiz page.

If you’re reading this in the Derbyshire area (which includes the Staffordshire border and even strips in Nottingham along the Erewash and Amber) and enjoy quizzing, then why not raise a team and join the League for the 2017-2018 season which will start in October?  There is still time to visit a pub near you and spectate as we play the last three or four matches of the season. If you’re a lone player then you may find that that pub is looking for more players and you can join an existing team.  We’re a friendly lot.

Contact details if you want to know more are on our Contacts Page.


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80% of people can’t name each of these famous historic figures from one image. Can you?  (zoo.com)

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