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Discussed at the Southern Area meeting, June 4th, and to be discussed at the forthcoming AGM is the role of publicity and the possibility of a publicity officer for the League.

The Committee would like to gather suggestions on areas including:-

  • publicizing the open events of the League, such as the Brain of Derbyshire
  • the League’s work in fund-raising through the annual Charity Quiz Night
  • sharing the results and successes of League members


  • the drive to encourage further membership
  • the drive to expand the League into more areas of the county
  • pubs with quiz nights into League members

Currently, the League announces itself through this website. A publicity officer might understand:

  • press releases
  • identifying opportunities to find new teams, and following through
  • the use of social media and networking
  • new outlets for League materials

If you have thoughts on this, or can identify someone sympathetic to the League please contact a committee member. At the moment this an investigation. The ferment of your responses will show in the vintage of the Committee’s proposals at the AGM.

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Thank you.

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