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Here are the minutes of the last meeting, and the Agenda for next Wednesday’s Committee Meeting, supplied by General Secretary Ian Robertson. The location is the Royal Oak, Ockbrook.


You can use our Contacts Page should you have anything to raise.

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…then do some people die more often?

Quiz: Do you know more about tax than the average Briton? (Guardian)

Quiz: Can you identify these classic crime novels by their covers? (Guardian. The covers themselves are not classics)

Unputdownable:  ‘The word that supplanted mid-1930s coinage unlaydownable after Raymond Chandler said of a book in 1947, “I found it absolutely … unputdownable.”‘ And many other word origins.


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Sally writes:


Please find attached the Minutes of the southern area meeting held on 4 June.

2014 June 4 Minutes AnMtg

It was good to have the opportunity the ‘air one’s views’ on all aspects of the League.

Opinions expressed and ideas put forward will be discussed at the next committee meeting on 25 June. At this meeting the committee will fix the date for the AGM in September and the dates for the forthcoming season.


[Comments are enabled for responses to the subjects raised. Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact a committee member or your area representative. This applies to members in all areas of the county.]

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He’s Back!


BBC Radio 4’s Round Britain Quiz is back, and playing for “another place” (as we call anywhere outside the confines of our county) is league member David Edwards.

You have two more days to listen to his team’s first appeance using the on-demand service:-


He’ll be back!

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Continuing to release the unpublished quizzes for the 2013-2014 seasons from Mike McKenna’s gander bag, on our Sample Quiz page you will now find the questions from April 30th.


Happy quizzing.

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Discussed at the Southern Area meeting, June 4th, and to be discussed at the forthcoming AGM is the role of publicity and the possibility of a publicity officer for the League.

The Committee would like to gather suggestions on areas including:-

  • publicizing the open events of the League, such as the Brain of Derbyshire
  • the League’s work in fund-raising through the annual Charity Quiz Night
  • sharing the results and successes of League members


  • the drive to encourage further membership
  • the drive to expand the League into more areas of the county
  • pubs with quiz nights into League members

Currently, the League announces itself through this website. A publicity officer might understand:

  • press releases
  • identifying opportunities to find new teams, and following through
  • the use of social media and networking
  • new outlets for League materials

If you have thoughts on this, or can identify someone sympathetic to the League please contact a committee member. At the moment this an investigation. The ferment of your responses will show in the vintage of the Committee’s proposals at the AGM.

Comments on this posting will be enabled, but can only appear after moderation.

Thank you.

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Could You Be A Rochdale Cowboy?

Quiz event in Rochdale – 9th August 2014

A Quiz Event will be held at Rochdale Town Hall on Saturday 9th August starting at 11:30.

There will be a short individual written quiz in the morning, and in the afternoon there will be a variety of team quizzes and buzzer quizzes.

Because we have made a very good deal with the Town Hall, there will only be a nominal fee of £5, with any surplus going to charity. The Town Hall canteen should be open for hot and cold drinks and hot and cold food.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the afternoon’s quizzing, please do not hesitate to get in touch. However, there are some details on Facebook here: Quiz in the North

John Wilson

07969 858632

[The DPQL has no connection with this event].

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