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Quiz: Can you identify these classic sci-fi books by their covers?

Quiz: can you identify these classic books by their covers?

Quizzes from The Guardian, though the use of “sci-fi” suggests a lack of familiarity with the genre, as most their potential titles are sf.

National Spelling Bee: how would you fare?



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Sally writes:-

Hello everybody

May I remind you all about the Southern Area Annual Meeting to be held on Wednesday 4 June at 8.00pm at the Brunswick. This is the coming week! This is an opportunity to come and contribute your ideas, bouquets and brickbats concerning the season past and the one to come!

Although entitld the ‘Southern Area Meeting’, in the absence of such a meeting in the North, all League teams are invited to attend.

Please find attached the Minutes from last years’ meeting and the Agenda for this.

2013 06 19 Minutes AnMtg

2014 06 04 Agenda Sthn Area Ann Mtg



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Remember you can use our host’s Follow button to be advised when we update the Derbyshire Pub Quiz League website. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see it.


We’ll be rationing this season’s quizzes left unpublished. It is only two days since we put up the last one. I think the next will go up in five day’s time.


Meanwhile, the Telegraph has a reather specialist history quiz: Big Tudor quiz: which wife was Henry VIII married to the longest?


And can you identify our title today without looking it up? I suppose you might do it in your dreams.

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Quiz For The Long Weekend, Sir?


We have continued the release of this season’s unseen quizzes with the latest from Mike McKenna’s archives. Visit our Sample Quiz page to see the quiz from April 9th.


Meanwhile the Telegraph is asking Spelling quiz: how good are you?

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Brain of Derbyshire 2014


After a succession of challenging rounds, another Brain of Derbyshire has emerged. Question master, and former Brain, David Edwards, set an opening round of 50 written questions with the top eight scorers advancing to two semi-finals played “on the buzzer”; the two highest scorers in each semi went into the final round.

The eight semi-finalists were:-

  • Steve Cooke
  • Chris Jones
  • Christ Willis
  • Gordon Taylor


  • Iwan Thomas
  • Les Hurst
  • Ian Parkes
  • Spencer Window

2014-05-21 22.50.48

The finalists (seen above: photo by Gordon Taylor) were:-

  • Steve Cooke
  • Iwan Thomas
  • Chris Jones
  • Ian Parkes

With Steve Cooke the ultimate winner. Congratulations, Steve!

Steve will set the questions for the 2015 Brain of Derbyshire. See you there!


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2013-2014 Awards Night

Wednesday 21st May saw a combined Awards Night and Brain of Derbyshire competition, played at the Royal Oak, Ockbrook.

The efforts of teams in all four divisions were recognised with mounted certificates for runners-up and winners in each Division, according to the final Results tables.

League President, Geoff Mumford, of the Burton Bridge Brewery was at hand to greet team representatives and congratulate them on their combined efforts.

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More Questions


The season has not yet reached its end. The Brain of Derbyshire (open to anyone in our area) is to be contested on Wednesday May 21st.

Meanwhile, Ramblin’ Mike McKenna has peered inside his gander bag and found some of this season’s questions yet to be published on our website. The webmaster, not wishing to do in anyone of a surfeit nor bogle their splod, will be uploading these sets gradually. You will find the earliest, from November 6th 2013, on our Sample Quiz page.

Why, you could use them as revision and rehearsal ready for the 21st!

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Finals Night 2013-2014 Results

Sally writes:-


Here are the results of Wednesday’s Finals Night:-



 Bowling Green beat Darley Abbey Club 65 – 56



Brunswick beat Son of Lakeside 69 – 63


A well attended evening with a lovely buffet, thanks to the Strutt Club

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Financing Britons


Quiz: Can you pass the Personal Finance GCSE? (Telegraph)

How is your history knowledge? (Telegraph)


How good is your maths? Take the test (Telegraph)


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Counting Americans


It is not just Michael Gove in the United Kingdom who is re-organising school curricula. In the USA there is a drive to improve basic skills in a programme called “Common Core”.  It is causing some controversy when children are being tested.


How would you do on these Common Core mathematics tests?

Could You Ace a 6th-Grade Common Core Math Test?

And here is one with flashing feedback:-

Divide. Use the models to help you.


[6th-grade, I believe, refers to 11-year olds, while “ace” means to score highly.”Math” is mathematics.]

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