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Go On! Make The Connection

The DPQL has once more been asked to help supply contestants for the BBC 4 series, Only Connect.

“We are now back and casting for the upcoming 10th series of ‘Only Connect’ which now returns to BBC Two. We wondered if you would kindly distribute the attached flyer for the attention of the members of your Quiz League, which has assisted us previously in our search for contestants.

“We are looking for teams of three players who share a common passion, ability or profession, who wish to pool their combined wits and knowledge to tackle our fiendish conundrums and vexing puzzles. ‘Only Connect’ is the quiz show that combines general knowledge and lateral thinking and we are looking for contestants who thrive in these skills and are looking for a new and exciting challenge on a TV show.

“We would be so grateful if you could forward¬†the attached flyer or post on your internal message board, for the attention of your members, and of course your family and friends, to spread the word about our casting call.

“Should you use Facebook, Twitter, company intranet or newsletter, please feel free to share our flyer through these mediums too.

“For further information about the quiz and to play our online game, please see our BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lskhg “.

Explantory flyer with contact details:- Only Connect 2014

Notice as well, that individuals can apply: “Single applications also welcome: we may be able to find you some like-minded teammates.”

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From The Daily Telegraph. (Click to open)

“The questions are so difficult that, during 17 years, only five lucky contestants have made it to – and correctly answered – the million-pound question.

“The first was Judith Keppel, the only woman ever to win Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, who won the jackpot in 2000. Keppel was closely followed by David Edwards and Robert Brydges in 2001, then Pat Gibson in 2004, and Ingram Wilcox, the last contestant to win the show, back in 2006.”

A Guardian interview with David Edwards about WWTBAM

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Latest Questions

Did you hear “Clarified butter” and immediately answer “The Galloping Gourmet” when the required answer was “ghee”? Here are the latest questions and answers, thanks to Mike McKenna.

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