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New Quiz Added

Visit our Sample Quiz page to find the quiz from February 19th. What was your score, what should you have scored? Why don’t you join us, you who like to read our quizzes?

Thanks to Mike McKenna.

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Sad News – Dave Tapsell

Gene Towndrow writes:-

“Margaret Tapsell has asked me to pass on the sad news that David Tapsell passed away on Saturday evening, details so far are sketchy, so I shall post more details once I have had a chance to speak to the family.”

Question readers may wish to ask for a minute’s silence before tonight’s (Wednesday 26th) quiz. Dave’s role in the league cannot be overstated. [Webmaster]

Comments are enabled, should you wish to leave memories of Dave.

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Dara O’Briain’s brain teasers

Dara O’Briain’s brain teasers: Try the comedian’s fiendishly tough maths quiz (The Independent)

“As ‘School of Hard Sums’ returns to TV, presenter Dara O’Briain reveals his love of all things numerical. But dare you take this dastardly mathematical quiz, devised by the show’s eggheads Kit Yates & Thomas Woolley?”

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Week 15 Results Now Posted

Go to the Results page to see the results of the matches played on Wednesday 19th February, and the consequent league tables, prepared by Sally.

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Mind You Master Your Subjects

The BBC is looking for contestants for the next series of the TV quiz Mastermind. You can apply here.

Contestants on Mastermind must not only know about at least two specialist subjects, they must also have a good general knowledge. Test yourself on our sample quizzes page, where Mike McKenna has just supplied the questions used on Wednesday 12th.

Never under-estimate the psychological advantage you will have from mentioning your DPQL membership in the green room before recording. Why, the trembling would register on the seismometers at the BGS at Keyworth!

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Wider Still and Wider

DPQL member and question setter Iwan Thomas set the Guardian’s quiz on Valentine’s Day.


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Sally writes:-

“Thank you for getting the results in promptly – it has helped us sort out the draw very quickly. This draw has been doubly randomised using three people – each being unaware of one of the processes.

“So, I am pleased to attach the draw for the Open Trophy and the Plate round 1 proper to be played on 5 March. This will also be enclosed with next week’s questions. Those two teams not playing next week have the draw posted to their pubs. So together with this e-mail I hope that everyone will know what the draw is by Thursday next week!

“Those of you who have a long journey may like to start the quiz a little earlier and the League would have no objection to this.”

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Questions Came, Questions to Come

Thanks to Mike McKenna you can find the questions from February 5th on the Sample Quiz page.

Mike wites today:

“Please note,

“I was asked to get a notice in today’s quiz posting (for 19 Feb) of the next round of the Trophy and Plate following last night’s games. Again, I have had to open already sealed envelopes, so you will find the flap ‘sellotaped’ and initialed by me.”

[Other brands of adhesive tape are available: Webmaster]

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Week 14 Results Are Up

Can you remember your score? What about those of your rival teams. Sally has returned to her scorching speed and produced the results and consequent league tables.

The questions will follow.

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Did Trauma Delay Figures For Week 13?

Later than usual, and after a first failed attempt, Sally has issued the results for Week 13 and the consequent league tables. Could this be because she could not believe her eyes, could not accept the figures before her, that she could not face the truth – that after twelve unbeaten weeks the Dew Drop, Ilkeston lost a match? Or did she just have better things to do?

The county ponders.

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