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Are You Better Than Boris?

The questions asked of Boris Johnson, on radio, from the Daily Telegraph.

As the second question was asked in one of George Orwell’s “As I Please” columns in the 1940s, and was later reprinted in Orwell’s Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters (1968), one wonders at Boris’s reading abilities, let alone logic.

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Train Your Brain For Cambridge

With university entrants under so much pressure, what better than to check out some questions used to separate the engineering sheep from the goats.

Cambridge University interview questions from the Daily Telegraph

[The webmaster scored only 80% in this and the OECD maths test].

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Train Your Brain For Pisa

With the OECD’s report on comparative success (in the case of the UK, very comparative) in education tests, here are some of the questions used:

OECD Maths questions from the Daily Telegraph

How would you do?

Here are some more, aimed at a higher level, in Business Insider.

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